We mainly work in the South Maresme area and its surroundings, but also in Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and one of the world’s most important capitals, with an excellent location on the Mediterranean Sea and a huge amount to offer in terms of culture, tourism and finance.

The city has successfully managed to unite tradition and modernity, combining its Roman and medieval past with modernism, with Gaudí as its maximum exponent, and new architectural gems like the Torre Agbar.

This great city has many advantages to offer. It is considered to be one of the world’s best cities to live in, and is one of the most vibrant and lively thanks to its rich and varied culture, not forgetting its superb climate.

“Barcelona is one of the most desirable locations in Europe and Finques Mónico had to be here.”

Office in TEIÀ (Maresme)

We often believe that we have to go a long way to find the best. However, most of the time our ideal is much closer, almost touching us, hidden away like a secret.

The advantages of this municipality speak for themselves:

  • A short distance from Barcelona (approx. 20 minutes)
  • El Maresme is the most privileged residential area in the Barcelona area, due to its microclimate and the beauty of its landscapes. Here, the intense green of its natural parks and the blue of its coastline combine, along with excellent beaches to delight us.
  • The Mediterranean coast throughout the province.
  • Mountains to protect it from the strong north winds.
  • A mild climate throughout the year.
  • Inviting marinas to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Extensive golf courses and pitch & putt for lovers of this sport.
  • Fast, modern links with Barcelona and direct access to Barcelona and Girona airports.
  • Delicious, high-quality food, known for its great variety, is the area’s hallmark.

At our offices we can provide you with more information about Sitges, in the south of Barcelona, and the Maresme coast, to the north of Barcelona.

Location in the region

El Maresme is an area framed between mountains, with outstanding natural parks like those of Cordillera de Marina and Montnegre and the Cordillera Litoral, blessed with natural landscapes rich in fauna and flora, and towns offering a high standard of living.

Proximity to Barcelona

The proximity of the towns of the Maresme to Barcelona is one of the great advantages of this area. It is easy to get to Barcelona very quickly and easily thanks to the good transport links (by highway, motorway and rail). This city offers visits with great cultural interest (the Gothic Quarter, Sagrada Familia, works by Antoni Gaudí, Miró Museum…), as well as being a place where business plays a fundamental role.

Map of Teià - Maresme

Address Teià - Maresme: 

Passeig del Castanyer, 1
08329 Teià (Barcelona)
Tel.: (+34) 93 540 20 06
Fax: (+34) 93 540 02 68

Address Barcelona: 

Marià Cubí, 95
08021 Barcelona (Barcelona)
Tel.: (+34) 93 015 32 98
Fax: (+34) 93 540 02 68



Map of Barcelona