Find the property you need
Let’s meet

Ready? To get started, we meet you to find out the type of property you are looking for, what area you would like to live in and what characteristics you want the property to have. We also talk about any needs we may consider important when searching for your future home.

Our team takes note of everything to start working”

We select your ideal property

Based on the features we have defined, we select and send you the properties in our portfolio. We will also present you with properties that we share with over 50 Barcelona agencies if we consider that they could be better adapted to your needs. If this is enough, we personally take care of obtaining properties that genuinely meet your requirements. Your opinion is always vital to help us define our search more accurately and find what you need.

“Our team won’t stop working until we find it.”

Time for visits

Once you have chosen the properties that interest you, we are ready to visit them with you. We want you to select the ones you like the most, so we leave that in your hands.

Tax and legal advice

All real estate transactions involve important legal and tax procedures. Therefore, a detailed study of the initial situation and the final consequences after the corresponding operation is needed. We carry out a study in order to ensure the process runs smoothly.

  • Legal certainty of the operation: real ownership, charges and encumbrances on the property.
  • Mandatory administrative requirements: certificates of habitability, energy performance certificate, technical inspection of buildings (ITE), building book, fiscal situation (IBI –Spanish land value tax–, duties, etc).
  • Real estate taxation: taxes resulting from the operation; income tax repercussions for the parties.
We negotiate for you

The Finques Mónico team is also in charge of negotiating the price of the property to obtain the best conditions for you.

“Our goal is for you not to worry about anything.”

Ready to reserve the property

Once we have reached this point, we are ready to draft all the documents needed to reserve the property. What do we need to do this? A deposit to reserve the property, with the commitment that the parties will sign a penitential or confirmatory deposit contract.

Here we have to clearly specify certain details:
  1. The signatories
  2. The object of the transaction
  3. Registration data (property number, description, ownership and charges)
  4. Mandatory administrative requirements
  5. The agreed price and payment terms
  6. Handover date
  7. We handle the entire procedure of signing the operation before a notary, and check beforehand the notarial details of the legal document that the parties are required to sign. This helps avoid any unexpected surprises on the day of signing.

    We also carry out all the procedures after the operation has been closed, such as communication with the public authorities (city councils for the municipal capital gains tax, the cadastral management centre for name changes), communities of owners, utility companies, follow-up of mortgage cancellations, etc.

Map of Teià - Maresme

Address Teià - Maresme: 

Passeig del Castanyer, 1
08329 Teià (Barcelona)
Tel.: (+34) 93 540 20 06
Fax: (+34) 93 540 02 68

Address Barcelona: 

Marià Cubí, 95
08021 Barcelona (Barcelona)
Tel.: (+34) 93 015 32 98
Fax: (+34) 93 540 02 68



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