If you want to take out home, community, business, or even life or accident insurance, Finques Mónico will assign you a specialised insurance advisor who is in charge of comparing the main companies. Their purpose is to help you find the best offer that matches your profile.

Our insurance policies are:

  • Business insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Community insurance
  • Car and motorbike insurance
  • Life and travel insurance
What do you have to bear in mind?
  • As an owner, having your property insured, whether it is for your own use or if you rent it to third parties, this is important in the event of any possible incident (fire, theft, flood or leaks).
  • Risk must be correctly assessed and the insured capital updated promptly, informing the insurer of any renovations that have been made to avoid delays when the policy is needed.
  • We recommend that owners take out home insurance, and tenants are obliged to take out a policy when they sign a rental agreement.
  • By paying a small amount in advance, tenants and owners save themselves many problems when it comes to solving any incident and, above all, both parties end up saving money when there is a severe incident.
  • In the event of a claim, just let us know and forget about the matter. We get in touch with the insurance company and take care of the entire process, from opening up the case to resolving it.
  • With Finques Mónico, you have access to all online information, from policies you have contracted to the status of incidents in progress.

Map of Teià - Maresme

Address Teià - Maresme: 

Passeig del Castanyer, 1
08329 Teià (Barcelona)
Tel.: (+34) 93 540 20 06
Fax: (+34) 93 540 02 68

Address Barcelona: 

Marià Cubí, 95
08021 Barcelona (Barcelona)
Tel.: (+34) 93 015 32 98
Fax: (+34) 93 540 02 68


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